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The Beachcombers

and 3's a Five


The Beachcombers

David Boukley (k)
David Moore (k)
Rob Scott (k)
Trevor Holley (k)
Ron Carmichael (b)
Frank Vandenberg (d)
Brian Dunn (d)
Graham Milburn (d)
Errol Amos (d)
Garry Wilson (d)
Noel Eshman (g, v)
Robyn Eshman (Hart) (v)
Marylyn and Beverly (dancers)

The Beachcombers (RCA Australia VPLI-0800) (1975)

1: Sing My Song / ? (RCA Australia ) (1970)
2: Song For Happy / ? (RCA Australia 102505) (1974)
3: Cruisin' / ? (RCA Australia ) (1975)


Hailed from Newcastle, evolving out of 'The 3's a Five', who'd starred on a local pop show (Saturday Date). Changed name to The Beachcombers when they took up a residency at the Beachcomber Hotel on the Central Coast.
They boasted a spectacular live act with belly dancers, live snakes and scantily-dressed girls. Guaranteed to pull in the crowds. They also achieved a measure of commercial success.


The story started with The 3's a Five. I was the original keyboard player in the group, replacing guitarist Billy Thomas in 1968, whilst resident at the Orana Hotel at Blacksmiths. Noel Eshman decided to broaden the band’s scope by dropping a guitarist in favour of a keyboard player.

I later replied to a newspaper advertisement placed by the Beachcomber Hotel who required a resident band. After countless phone calls and trips down to Toukley, I eventually pestered the crap out of manager Bill Duffy, and he gave us an audition.

We were successful.

After we were established at the hotel as a four-piece band, it was decided by Bill to add a female vocalist, and Robyn Hart was the successful applicant.

We later changed our name to the Beachcombers, in return for a recording deal contract with RCA, and the recording costs funded by the manager of the Beachcomber Hotel, Mr. Bill Duffy.

I remained with the band, until replaced by organist Rob Scott, around 1972/73.

David Moore


LR: Robyn Eshman (Hart), Noel Eshman, David Moore,
Graham Millburn, Rod Carmichael.

3's a Five

Original lineup. Saturday Date.
LR: (Front) Geoff Westbury, Noel Eshman, Billy Thomas,
(drum) Frank Vandenberg, (boom mic) David Hill.

LR: Noel Eshman, Robyn Eshman (Hart), David Moore, Frank Vandenberg.

Photographs courtesy of David Moore.