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LR: Dave Frogatt, Don Walker, Ron Carpenter, Tim Crozier (seated), Dave Highet.

Bogislav was an Armidale-based band with strong links to Newcastle having made several appearances in Battle of the Sounds country finals from 1970. Drummer Ron Carpenter, keyboardist Don Walker and guitarist Dave Frogatt formed the band while studying at UNE in the early 70's. They were joined by Scottish bassist Dave Highet and singer (????) and the band played regularly around venues in Tamworth, Armidale and the university campus dances.

In 1972 the band worked up a heavy rock repertoire of original numbers influenced by bands like 'Bloodrock' and 'Deep Purple' with a view to having, as Ron Carpenter described it, "…one last crack at the Battle of the Sounds." After winning the Armidale heat and a Country Final their singer quit before their next appearance at the Northern NSW Zone Final. Ron Carpenter called on Tim Crozier (ex-'Lukes Harp') then living in Sydney to join them. After learning the material from tapes, Tim joined up with the band in Newcastle for one rehearsal at Bus Stop Disco, the day before the Final.

The standard of the finalists was very high with strong challenges from local favourites 'Mata Hari' and 'Armageddon', but Bogislav won on the day. The band then went on to the State Final in Sydney which was won by 'Sherbet' who later won the National Final in Melbourne.

Bogislav continued working around northern NSW throughout the remainder of 1972 and disbanded not long after. Most of the members moved on into other musical projects with the most noteworthy being Don Walker who became a founding member of 'Cold Chisel' several years later.

Tim Crozier