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Castanet Club


LR: Steve Abbott, Peter Brooks, Angela Moore, Brett Thomas, Barton Malcolm, Warren Coleman, ????, Mark Jackson, Kathy Bluff, Glen Osborn, Glen Butcher, Peter Mahony.

Thanks go to Mark Jackson for sorting out the above.
The red V-dub belonged to Barton Malcom.

On stage at the Perth Festival in the Uni in the 80's. Glen Butcher, Angela Moore and Warren Coleman pretend to put up with hearing my version of "Give My Regards To Broadway". I was once arrested in Tasmania for singing it
Photo and commentary courtesy of Maynard

LR: Maynard, Elvis Presle, Lance Norton, Jodi, Betty B Plate,
Doris Crawley, Rod, Natasha Bassey, Kid Calamai, Johnny Goodman,
Bowling Man and Tron Wexler

About 1985 The Castanet Club evolved into The Giddy People before
moving permanently to Sydney.
After moving to Sydney the group reverted to The Castanet Club. But the
old library at the Newcastle High school Annexe/Teacher's College in
Union St was the home for a year to weekly cabaret performances of a
very odd variety.
Artwork is a postcard sold at gigs. Created by Jodi.
Photographs by Maynard.


Interesting fact: Two members of The Castanet Club have won Sale of the Century, Warren Coleman and Russell Cheek.



This is the cover of Steve Abbotts LP 'Johnny Goodman'.
(Festival L 38909 1988).
The players are mostly 'Castenet Club' members as you will notice from the list below. He is still recycling them to this day, the songs that is. He did a version of 'Legsy' on ' In Siberia Tonight' the other night with 'Diesel'.

Johnny Goodman (v, g)
Peter Mahoney (g)
Doris Crawley (k)
Lance Norton (v)
Stompin Betty (v)
Caroline Jones (tuba)
Bob Johnston (tromb)
John Hoffman (trump)
Jerome McClintock (b)
Barton Malcolm (b, v)
Blair Greenburg (perc)
Mark Marriot (d)
Rodney Cambridge M.B.E.(d)