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The Cruisers

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LR: Craig Horder, John Halls, Dario Rossi, John Gilchrist, Trevor Parkinson.



LR: John Halls, Eddie Price, Dario Rossi, Trevor Parkinson, John Sampson.


Veterans of the Newcastle music scene The Cruisers have a killer repertoire of rock 'n' roll hits.

With about 30 years experience in the music biz under their belts The Cruisers are led by Dario Rossi, formerly of 'Baron', whose 'sharp wit and innovative style' make him the perfect frontman.

Other members are keyboard player Eddie Price, formerly of 'Michael Scott Group' 'Maya' 'Salt Lake City' who has toured
with 'The Deltones'.
Guitarist Trevor Parkinson has performed with 'Crazy Otto' and 'Harlequin'.

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When you're playing three or four sets a night at the local club, bands such as The Cruisers know you have to be versatile. That's how this five-piece band has remained successful.

According to guitarist Trevor Parkinson, most of the crowds stay on the dance floor regardless of age group.

'If you can keep the crowds on the dance floor, then the club is happy,' he said.

John 'funky' Halls: 'Apollo' 'Marshall Brothers Band' 'Highway' and 'Shotgun', on drums.
Dario Rossi: 'Baron' on lead vocals,
Trevor Parkinson: 'Crazy Otto' 'Dave and the Derro's' and 'Harlequin' on guitar,
Craig Horder: 'Safe Partners' on bass
John Gilchrist: 'Midnight Soul' 'Nodes Levity' and 'Keg' on keyboards.

The band plays a mixture of the 70s, 80s and 90s, and even Top 40.

'If there's a room full of oldies, we'll play our 50s stuff, but when a younger crowd comes along later in the night, we can cater for them,' he said.

Some of their heavier stuff includes 'AC/DC', 'Led Zeppelin' and 'Santana', but they can go back to do songs by Elvis', 'Buddy Holly' and 'The Everly Brothers.

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Somewhere in there. Craig Horder left and
Grant Waring: 'Mata Hari' ' Vacant Lot', joined on bass guitar.
And Chris Bailey replaced Trevor Parkinson on guitar.


LR: John Halls, Craig Horder, Dario Rossi, Eddie Price (back), Trevor Parkinson.

2004 Lineup.

Live 2005




Photographer John Chisholm