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The Cumberland Trio

Photograph courtesy of Garry Sullivan RIP

Sadly, the unfortunate demise of Ronald Burgess (of The Four Knaves), left us in a spin, not really knowing what to do with ourselves musically.
Eddy Mink decided that he would no longer pursue any further involvement, leaving Phil Maddocks and myself (Garry Sullivan) to ultimately team up with one Bernard Bell RIP, to become what was known as "The Cumberland Trio".

We did this at a time when Folk Music was coming to the fore, however, folk singers at that time needed to be able to play guitars and banjo's etc., something that Bernie excelled in, however, Phil and I sadly lacked any leanings toward this need.

We urgently purchased 2 acoustic guitars (cheap ones) which Bernie had doctored the fret boards and strings to resemble a banjo configuration, which we learned more quickly than if we had to learn guitar.
We took this group to the "Club Patrons" within the city and its environs, with some moderate success.

It was not until we entered a talent quest which was organized by the then Delore motors, ( a Morris car dealership in Newcastle at that time) which provided as it's prize, a new Morris Mini Minor motor car, and compared by one Johnny Delano (a celebrity in his own right during that era), Including Johnny Noble, (who appears in the photo's background).
The culmination of this event was held at the Newcastle City Hall with all finalists.
We were very fortunate indeed to come out the winners, much to our surprise, as it could have been expected that this prize would have indeed belonged to a solo artist - we were however, very happy to accept this ultimate prize, providing us all a windfall of some 230 pounds for our effort, a very princely sum at that time.

Sadly, this group came to an end when Phil Maddocks, joined the NSW Police Force, and Bernie Bell returned, I think, to his home town of either Cowra or West Wyalong.
After some time both of the above found themselves in Albury NSW, where further musical activity was realized by them both.

Garry Sullivan RIP