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Fish Fry
& Pow Wow

Fishfry at the Civic
LR: Stuart St Hill, Kim Pink (standing), Justin Collins, Daryl Aberhart, Nick Cecire, Andrew Wallace, Ian Dunn.

Photograph courtesy of Justin Collins.

New Year's Eve won't mean a thing if it 'ain't got that swing', and the place to swing will be at the Northern Star Hotel on Sunday night.

Newcastle hasn't seen FISH FRY since the band launched its second CD, 'SATURDAY NIGHT' at the end of August.

Since then the swingers have sold out of its first pressing and are planning another print run to keep up with the demand.

The band features JUSTIN COLLINS on lead vocals, ANDREW WALLACE on bass and trombone, NICK CECIRE on drums, DARYL ABERHART on piano, IAN DUNN on guitar, KIM PINK on saxophone and STUART ST HILL on trumpet.

Collins said the band would play three sets from 10.30pm on Sunday night. There was a strong rumour his bass-playing wife GINA COLLINS may join Fish Fry for a funky 'POW WOW' set.

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There will be a lot of jumping and jiving at the Gallipoli Legion Club on Saturday night when Fish Fry perform.

Fish Fry formed eight years ago and have delighted audiences throughout the Hunter with their energetic performances and jazzy tunes.

This weekend the group will host their first gig at the club since they last performed there in March at the End Of Summer Ball.

Fish Fry member Justin Collins said the venue is the perfect place to perform their style of music.

'We'll be there performing our jump-jive stuff,' Justin said.

'There will be plenty of room to dance because there is a really big floor there.'

Justin said the venue also allows the group to perform their act cabaret style.

The group perform a mix of styles from mid-century jazz through to rhythm and blues.

'We mostly play music like Louis Jordan and early Ray Charles.'.

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LR: Andrew Wallace, Ian Dunn, Nick Cecire, Darly Aberhart, Justin Collins, Kim Pink, Stuart St Hill.
LR: Justin Collins, Stuart St Hill, Daryl Aberhart, Lobi Viti, Andrew Wallace, Kim Pink, Lloyd Davies, Nick Cecire.
LR: Andrew Wallace, Ian Dunn, Justin Collins, Stuart St Hill,Nick Cecire, Daryl Aberhart, Kim Pink.

Pow Wow


LR: Daryl Aberhart, Lloyd Davies, Justin Collins, Stuart St Hill, Kim Pink, Andrew Wallace, Nick Cecire, Ian Dunn, Gina Collins.

This is the line up for 'Pow Wow' the funky extension of 'Fish Fry' with Gina's great bass playing a feature. 'Pow Wow' was originally Ian Dunn's funk outlet that had Tony (Big T) Collins, (no relation), on bass and an assortment of Newie muso's on hand. Look out for more 'James Brown', 'Tower of Power' type hard driving dancy funk later in the year. Pow Wow's current version has been going off and on since 1997.

Justin Collins

Photographs from TE archives

Fish Fry


Pow Wow
Newcastle Music Week 2005, Wheeler Place.

Pow Wow
Newcastle Music Week 2005, Wheeler Place.

2 above photographs
taken by John Chisholm.