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The Hive


Queenie Bullant - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, Woodwinds.
B.B. Bullant - Lead Guitar, Vocals, Percussion.
Rocky Bullant - Guitar.
Lucky Bullant - Bass.
Cranky Bullant - Drums, Percussion.

If there's one thing that The Flamin' Bullantz firmly believe, it's that rock and roll should be all about having a ball, and leaving the worries of today's world far behind. They say that if you are able to keep your feet still at a Flamin' Bullantz gig, then you are either dead, or severely sedated! The Flamin' Bullantz are the ultimate rockin' party band, and they make sure that their audiences party hard when they enter Flamin' Bullantz World. They have even invented the Bullantz Salute and the Bullantz Dance, and written their theme song, 'Antz In Ya Pantz' to entice people into the crazy Flamin' Bullantz World.
With the gorgeous and sassy diva Queenie up front strutting her stuff and belting out her red-hot, soulful vocals, the guitar king B.B. by her side, dripping sweat and playing the shinola out of his Fender Strat, Rocky and Lucky leering, grinning and grinding out the rhythms like a pair of demented D-V-Antz, and Cranky up the back in the engine room pounding the living daylights out of his drums, The Flamin' Bullantz are a buzzing ball of infectious energy. Then when Queenie straps on her Daisy Rock to join the boys in a four guitar rockin' assault, the sparks really begin to fly!
With their repertoire of good, honest rock and roll, funk, blues and soul, The Flamin' Bullantz are on a mission to bring great times, great vibes and great music to all of those people who are lucky enough to experience their magic.
Direct from the rockin' cradle of the blues - Antsville, GA - to a colony near you - whatever you do, don't miss the brilli-ant, vibr-ant, resplend-ant, excell-ant……… Flamin Bullantz!

Photograph courtesy of David Hines