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Ghosty and The Skeletons

For a history lesson the name "Ghosty and The Skeletons came about around 1979 while a friend and I were talking about names of punk bands, if punk, (as it was in 1979 with bands like the Dead Kennedys and Discharge etc), was happening in the 60's....and the 'toughest' name I could think of was "Ghosty and The skeletons" goodness did we laugh for minutes at forward to 1981 and I got a band together to support my brother's band at the Stockton Prawners...we needed a name and there it was...


"The Gospal according to Des Hart"
microcephallic novacastrians listen to the gos
pal of des hart,
necrophillic novacastrians fucking the corpse of bhp,
schizophrenic australians watch yank shows on jap tvs.
watch yank shows on jap tvs
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watch yank shows on jap tvs (etc etc adinfinitum)