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The Gringos

El Gringos


AMIGOS, the Hunter's most popular rock group, gave another demonstration of their pulling power by attracting capacity crowds at their 2 farewell gigs, at Beresfield Bowling Club and the Blackbutt Hotel over the last weekend in July. Both venues were stacked to the rafters, with punters crammed in and dance floors like mosh pit sardine cans.

Lead singer Greg Douglas, who did his final public shows with the band at these gigs, said the band was humbled and overwhelmed by the demonstration of public support and enthusiasm. "Two of the most amazing shows in a history of amazing shows for the band. It seemed like everyone who had ever liked the band came out on those 2 nights" was his comment. The display of public support means that there is a good chance that AMIGOS will reform down the track for a limited number of shows. There is also a possibility of another CD, probably a single, to coincide with any reunion. Douglas said that although there are no immediate plans for a return, it is always on the cards, especially with the band's following providing a ready made audience.

In the meantime, over the coming months the great news for fans is that the members of the Amigos will be playing on throughout the Hunter in two new yet completely diverse bands. The first new band which is kicking off in August is THE GRINGOS. The line-up of THE GRINGOS contains the core of Amigos band members who have now combined forces with new lead singer Paul Mario Day. English born Day has a stellar legacy in the music industry, which has given him an incredible base as a singer and songwriter. He was the original lead singer with international group Iron Maiden, and he later formed 3 piece band "More". In the 80's "More" toured throughout Europe supporting bands such as Krocus, Def Leppard, Ted Nugent, Black Sabbath, Foreigner, Motorhead, AC/DC and Whitesnake. In 1985 Paul joined "The Sweet", touring Australia, Germany, Austria and England, and even today he is still regarded as one of the greatest singers of "The Sweet". Now living in Australia, he is well received and people still remember him with enthusiasm. A search on the internet will reveal many hits and mentions of his amazing career.

The second new line-up involves renowned AMIGOS lead singer Greg Douglas. Greg will travel overseas on a well deserved break before starting with his new outfit - THE SAGGY BOTTOM BOYS in November this year. The SAGGY BOTTOM BOYS will consist of both original Amigos - Greg Douglas and Bruce Jeffreys, along with their good mate, Dave Rees. When asked what the new band will be like, Douglas said "very different to my previous band. A bit country, a bit bluegrass, a bit Rockabilly - and very CHEEKY!" No drums or drum machine, no computers - just three guys playing guitars and bass, three strong singers and three mates having a good time, thumping out some bluegrass and country classics, some original material and a range of unlikely AC/DC, Angels material etc. done Saggy Boys style.

So although AMIGOS will no longer be a regular drawcard around the Hunter, the possibility of seeing the band again is reasonably high, and in the meantime loyal followers can catch up with the guys and hear their favourite songs played in either of these two fantastic new groups - THE SAGGY BOTTOM BOYS and THE GRINGOS, both spawned from the mighty Amigos family. Coming soon to a venue near you!