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1976 Lineup
Harlequin photo from paper
LR: Mick Taylor, Bert Moonen, Trevor Parkinson and John Halls.

Harlequin photo from paper
LR: Bert Moonen, Mick Taylor, John Halls and Trevor Parkinson

Above photos from newspaper clippings courtesy of Terry Moonen.

1976 Newspaper Clippings PDF

1979 Lineup
LR: Ross 'Rex' Melville, Bert Moonen, Michael Hill, Steve Connellan,
John Humphries.

1981 Lineup
LR: Bert Moonen, Michael Hill, John Humphries, Greg Sinclair, Steve Connellan.

Photographs courtesy of Steve Connellan.

Give Me Freedom / Make It (Moonpoint) 1974
Who's in Love With The Lady / You Are My Sunshine (Moonpoint) 1976