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HOMEGROWN: By Steve 'Mac' McLennan

Who'd have thought that I'd ever be at Raymond Terrace Golf Club playing
"Finglebunt" or "Stand By Your Man" with crazy woman Cheryl & her then -Terry
O'Keefe (both in sequined cowboy suits), Col Carter, a RAAF'y in the most
well polished leather shoes I'd ever seen and and indefinable John on keys ??
Not me. But here I was.
Homegrown was actually a lot of fun. I learnt a lot about dynamics in this
band. Some nights at Nelson Bay RSL I was barely tapping the drums...dont
want to drown out the sounds of the pokies !?!?...other nights, specifically if
Terry had a new amp or guitar he wanted to try out, we'd be as loud as any rock band I've ever played with.
Col was sent off to war or something and Craig Terence Foster was recruited
into the fold. It was really nice for C.T. since Terry, Cheryl & Col had all know his
dad. I have nothing but fond memories of this band...good money, plenty of gigs, well looked after by Club mangement, free drinks...too easy. We were one big happy, pot smokin',beer drinkin' family..kinda like The Waltons "with attitude". I havent seen John since we did a truck / crane / forklift course in the early 90s. It was
great to catch up with Dame Cheryl at a Vietnam Vets gathering a while back, havent seen Col or Terry for years. I wish them all well.
PS: Im not so sure my friends Rocka & Trevor Dare have such fond memories of
Terry. He did some unsolicited "additional" work on vintage guitars they
owned (Gretsch & Flyte bass) that they werent too happy about.
Such is life.