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John Chisholm

John on a Dinky Bike                John Chisholm Gumball

9th of July 1947 — 22nd of December 2011

Johns Baby Photos

John on a Dinky Bike

Mum John Dad England

With Mum and Dad in England late forties early fifties.

John riding a donkey England

Go Donkey Go...

John, Mum and Grandad having a break during a road trip

With Mum and Grandad (Chisholm) taking a tea break during an english road trip.

John and Dad on the ship comming to Australia

With Dad on the ship comming to Australia

John and Dad on the Ship at Columbia


John and Barbara

With our cousin Barbara.

John and Kevin WB early 60s

Back steps at Warner's Bay early sixties

John at Gateshead High School

Gateshead High School.

Egor and Band

Mata Hari and Egor

Mata Hari

Greg Callen, John, Brian Mckinnon, Mark Apthorpe,
Mark Turnbull R.I.P. and James Edward Stanes.

John at Gladstone

Gladstone. John and the blue EH van in the background did the odd mile or two around Australia

John WA

Western Australia Late Seventies

John Perth playing guitat 1977

Perth 1977

Jim and John at Wagga  Wagga

With Jim in Wagga Wagga

John, Kevin and George

With Me and Dad out the back at Warner's Bay.
I think this is Christmas 1980-81 when we both ended up back at home. Our late Grandfathers (Goddard) house was empty so Mum and Her brothers suggested we become caretakers.
We were there for five years before they decided to sell.

John with ralph and ceaser at WB

With Ralph and Ceaser at Grandads house at Warner's Bay eary eighties.

John in his chair at BH

John's spot on the veranda at Black Hill.

John Blck Hill Jam

Outside jamming area at Black Hill

John and his tele black hill jam

With Tele outside jam area.

John and Chris Harmony Day

With Chris Kilkelly at Harmony Day

Lunny and John Beaumont S tBoggie

With Gregory James Lunn at the Beaumont St Boggie during Newcastle Music Week

Scott and John Dracula

With Scott Merewether Rankin during Dracula 2006

John and Mun Xmas 2009

With Mum on the back veranda at Warner's Bay Christmas 2009

Anna and John with manderians

With Anna Tranter comming back from mandarin picking at
Black Hill

John and Anna Black Hill

With Anna

Anna and John and the camper van

With Anna making ready to head off to the
Bellingen Global Carnival.
John had to have his first cancer treatment before they left.

John at his last Gumball

Back stage at his final Gum Ball
Currently on stage Blackest Sabbath.

John and visitors at black hill

With Bruce, Jim and Anna on the veranda at Black Hill.

A Big Thank You to all the people who came out to see John during His final weeks.

Anna John Mac Kev

With Anna, Steve "Mac" McLennan and Myself

John and Jim

With Jim
They always kept in touch where ever they were.

Anna John and Mac

With Anna and Mac

John Chisholm at a wet GumBall

Farewell John