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John J Francis
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Photographer Sean Foley

John J Francis (v)
Peter Cogan (g)
Alan Frampton (b)
Paul Thomas (d)
Gary Myers (d)
David Ovenden (d)

Mainly original songs by John and the band, covers of UK beat bands and instrumentals with a leaning to the music of the Dave Bridge Trio.
Demos done at Laurie Ryan's "Vista" studio in Robert Street Wickham.

45: Someday / I'm Lonely (Big Sound) (1964)

John Francis Collexion:
John J Francis (v)
Norman Ryder (g, v)
Peter Cogan (g)
Peter Clarke (trump, v)
Alan Frampton (b)
Paul Thomas (d)

45: I Talk To Trees / You Tell Me (RCA 101795) (1966)

A short-lived Newcastle-based project for Francis, who'd previously been in The Sorrows and was later in Magic and Brute Force and His Drum.

John J Francis (v)
Jim O'Brien (g)
John Humpheries (k)
Roy Giles (b) RIP
Wayne Harris (d)

I Want to Fly / Booked on a Drunk Charge. (Phillips) (1969) BF-450
The Carpenter Song / Vintage Wine (Phillips) (1970)

Brute Force and his Drum:
John J Francis (v, g)
Jim Yonge (d)
A recording project in 1973

45: Weird and Wonderful / ? (Copperfield) (1973)

Solo Recordings:

Pity Me / ? (Warner)1972
Play Mumma, Sing Me a Song / What To Do (Warner) 1973
City Lights, Saturday Night / ? (Warner)1974
Lucky Star / Money Honey (Warner) 1974

Play Momma (Warner) 1974

Rock N Roll Refugee (Warner) 1972
Breaks, Works and Thoughts (Warner)1973
Open Fist (Warner)1974
Wassa Matta (Warner) 1974

Musicians on "Breaks, Works and Thoughts"
J J Francis (v, g, k)
Alan Luchetti (flute, recorder)
Roy Giles (b)
John A Bird (k)
Paul T (banjo)
Chris Condon (d)
Heather Armstrong (cello)


Photographer Gary Pearton


Photographer James Woodward

Play Muvva
EP cover

dogs in custody
Dogs in Custody

JJ & Bob
JJ and Bob Hudson

Above two photos courtesy of