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Lukes Harp

LR: Kevin Wyatt, Brian Dunn, Dave Bouckley, Tim Crozier, Bob Spence.

LR: Brian Dunn, Kevin Wyatt, Bob Spence, Tim Crozier, Dave Bouckley. 1970 Hoadley's Battle of the Sounds.


LR: Bob Spence, Peter Golvers, Tim Crozier, Brian Dunn, Kevin Wyatt.

Photographs courtesy of Tim Crozier

By Tim Crozier

Lukes Harp formed in early 1969 when three members of 'Peppermint Brood', Kevin Wyatt (bass), Bob Spence (guitar) and Brian Dunn (drums) joined up with newcomers Peter Golvers (organ) and Tim Crozier (lead vocals). The band's diverse musical influences were evident in a repertoire covering songs from bands like 'Vanilla Fudge', 'Small Faces', 'Sly & the Family Stone', 'The Temptations', 'Steppenwolf' and 'Blood Sweat & Tears'.

Lukes Harp quickly developed a popular following around Newcastle and when local radio identity Alan McGirvan took on management the boys were soon regular performers at Bus Stop, The Palais, Snoopys and they opened the Under 21 Disco at Charlestown. Lukes Harp was also billed as a support band for the 'Easybeats' tour on their return from England at the Basketball Stadium in October 1969.

When organist Peter Golvers left at the end of 1969, Dave Bouckley from 'Lotus' slipped seamlessly into the role and the band continued working solidly throughout 1970. Lukes Harp enjoyed success in the Hoadley's Battle of the Sounds in 1970 placing 2nd to 'Maya' at both the Newcastle heat and the Country Final.

Lukes Harp broke up in early 1971, but most of the individual members continued playing, some up to the present day. (See Still Playing Page). Tim Crozier moved to Sydney and later played with 'Bogislav', 'The Whispers', 'Creation' (from NZ) and a 10-piece outfit called 'Skintight'. Brian Dunn and Dave Bouckley both played with 'The Beachcombers', Kevin Wyatt was later a founding member of the 'Marshall Brothers Band' and Bob Spence pursued a full time music career in WA.

Tim Crozier



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