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Mick Taylor


Mick Taylor

Mick has been in the music industry for the past 32yrs, during this time he has played rock, country, and blues. Born and raised in Newcastle Mike started out as most local musicians did, in a garage with a few school mates he had wanted to be the drummer but they already had one, so Mike took a shot at singing, and he's still singing. Mike was lead singer of 'Maya' a local Newcastle band during the late 60's early 70's. He has played support to such acts as 'The Beach Boys',' Gary Glitter' and the African band 'Osabisa'. 'Maya' was also a resident band in Newcastle for 2 yrs which gave him the opportunity to play alongside some of the biggest Australian bands at that time 'Sherbert', 'Daddy Cool', 'Jeff St John', 'The La De Da's', 'Renee Geyer' and 'Brian Cadd'.

Mick then joined another popular Newcastle band 'Harlequin', again as lead singer this time due to the extreme popularity of the band they cut a 45 record for local distribution although it only sold 500 copies it maintained the bands popularity in Newcastle. Mick has also been the drummer, lead singer in 'Heywood Chapter', 'The Questions', and 'Taxi'.

For the past 3 years Mick has been doing trio and duo work in Newcastle firstly with the trio 'Crisis', and more recently with the duo 'Taylor Made'. He has now taken the opportunity to sing along side Carol Snape in 'Heart & Soul'.