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Midnight Shift

Midnight Shift was formed in early 2008 when ex-57 Heaven members Glenn
Touhill (drums), Dave Harvison (Lead guitar) and John Thomason
(Vocals/guitar) left to establish a new rock n roll band, with an emphasis on
50's rock, rockabilly and country rock covers, for the Sydney rock n roll
dance scene.
In July Tim Crozier (vocals/Guitar/Harmonicas) joined up,resulting in a broadening of the repertoire, to include blues and rhythm and blues influences to round out the repertoire.
They set out with the objective of building a repertoire that avoided the most clichéd of the 50's rock classics and introduce some fresh content rarely heard around the clubs.
Consequently Midnight Shift has become equally comfortable playing to both pub and club crowds, and the guys love it when a punter comes up to them
at the end of gig and says something like; ...".hey, you guys really rock,
and it isn't the same old stuff you hear every other week!"
After experimenting with several bass players, the lineup was finally completed in
November 2008 with the addition of Doug Faulkner (bass), formerly of Gerry & the Atrix.
Increasingly Midnight Shift is performing at many pubs and clubs around the Sydney region.

Midnight Shift
LR: Tim Crozier, Doug Faulkner, Glenn Touhill,
John Thomason and Dave Harvison

Photograph courtesy of Tim Croxier