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LR: Craig T Foster, Trevor Dare, John Shelly, Steve 'Mac' McLennan, Greg Lee.

Tarzan ?
LR: Steve Mac, Trevor, Greg, Craig and 'Tarzan' Shelley out front.

Photographs courtesy of Trevor Dare

By Steve McLennan
What you are about to read is not a definitive history of the band featured
in the bio below. It is a very subjective snap shot of a specific moment in
time. It just so happens that I was "there" in that moment and the snapshot
was taken from my point of view. These are my memories and any scholar can tell you that memory and history, though related, are not the same thing. I hope any and all readers who can offer a different perspective, alternative point of reference or personal insights will add them to the page. I would love to know what was going on in other peoples heads at the time....these bios are a way for me to assess what was going on in mine. To anyone who feels in any way misrepresented I feel compelled to
apologise...however...keep in memory of you from that moment in time may be very different to your own. Just for starters...I'm color blind.
God bless you and all who sail in her...MAC
If The Grunge Band had been the caterpillar and The Greg Lee Band the
chrysalia, Mirage was supposed to be the butterfly. Isnt that how the theory of evolution works?
Sadly it didnt quite work that way. Our debut gigs were 2 nights supporting
Suzi Quatro at the old Workers Club. The band was really well received by the capacity crowd on both nights and Ando was keen to work the band at all of the RCP venues.
And that's pretty much where it ended. We never regained that initial
excitement that saw us blitzing those two nights. We didnt have what it took to take the energy we put into one 45 minute set and stretch it over three and sometimes four night after night.
We'd been doing the same thing in different bands for a long time and by the time Mirage came about I think we were all pretty burnt out. There was fun to be had here and there (always involving CT) but I think when we called it quits one night up in Muswellbrook or Murrurundi or some place too far from home we were all very relieved.
All flights cancelled.