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NIGHTMARE: By Steve 'Mac' McLennan

Just me stepping out from behind the kit and dressing up as Alice Cooper for
an hour & a half. Great fun. The band was great. I cant thank them enough for the
committment they put into getting the music right. I'd stack them up against
any of Alice's bands over the past 20 problem. Of course we had the
stage performers as well and they worked their arses off every night to help
create the fantasy. When you consider we had an electric chair, guillotine, snake,
spiders, nurses, and monsters (I think even the kitchen sink) it was incredible how
well everyone worked together to make the show so spectacular. That's not to say
there wasnt the odd mishap. the night we played The Castle and the
guillotine blade didn't drop all the way and some guy in the audience yells out "missed!!" I can laugh now but at the time it felt pretty hokey.
Favourite memory...apart from the cathartic process of chopping babies to bits ?? Svea...the Scandinavian "exotic dancer" in her slashed micro-mini and leopard skin boots giving me a private viewing of her Alice tattoo while fondling my python. She invited me to see her act in which she danced to a few Freak Shop songs. I recall lots of leather and lace and blood and a very naughty teddy bear.
Interesting interpretation to say the least.