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The Orphans


L R: Greg Dawson, Les Gully, Jeff Dunn, Gordon Mclean, Pam Gully.
And a small dog.

Orphans window
LR: Jeff Dunn, Gordon Mclean, Pam Gully, Greg Dawson, Les Gully.

Photographs courtesy of Les Gully

Special Guests


Ray Arnott

John Paul Young

Jamie Redfern
Jamie Redfern




Cassette Album:
Cruisin' in the Sun (TO) (1984)


Oblisk Park Newcaste
LR: Les Gully, Jeff Dunn, Pam Gully, Greg Dawson, Gordon 'Jus Gordon' McLean.

Photograph courtesy of Les Gully

Orphans 2008

Photograph courtesy of Gordon Mclean