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My Beautiful Pigeonhole

A collection of Newcastles Finest

CD cover

Phantom Records (PHCD - 26)
Recorded at Skyhigh Recording Studios, Newcastle, Australia.
March - September 1992

Pigeon People

Pigeonhole People
What is the guy next to the lady in the white coat doing ????? (lol)

Some of these photographs are pretty bad, if you have a better one please send me a copy.

Fuzzy Bears

The Bugbears

Windy Winter

Burning Winter

Dear Dorian

Dear Dorian

Fuzzy Albert

Einsteins Wireless


The Galore

Golden Sect

Golden Section

Hanged Men

The Hanged Man


The Hoax


Me Me Me

Shrine on you crazy diamond ...

The Shrine

The vault

Vault of Heaven

Jane Ward

Ward Jane

CD cover painting by Mark Hetherington

Photography by Vicki Cornish