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Newcastle Recording Studios


Vista Studios

Vista Studios was operating throughout the 60’s in Annie Street Wickham. The recording equipment, although primitive by today’s standards, was up to date. The recorder was an Ampex Single Track with the ability of having sound on sound. This was the only way at the time to have more than one track. The studio was owned and operated by a lovely gentleman by the name of Lawrie Ryan. He also did amplifier repairs.

Many Newcastle bands did demo recordings there, and then, if required, had Lawrie cut these onto a 45 disc. Some being of sufficient quality for Festival Records in Sydney to release without having to be re-recorded at their studio e.g. The Steelmen’s ‘Steel And Glass’.

I know that Rob and Ron Coxon, did a demo in the 60’s at Vista under the name of The Interior, however, the bands name was, at that time, The Lancers which became The Intensions. I helped out with this recording on the night playing piano.

Mike Stevenson

The only way most people could record themselves then was to go to Vista and pay for it. Yesterday's Orphans did it. We each got a 7", 45rpm disc for £10, I think.

Les Gully


Bourne Electronics

There was only one other recording studio in Newcastle, and this was at 70 Dawson Street Cooks Hill that was owned and operated by a well-respected gentleman called Alan Bourne who also did electronic repairs and designed and built guitar and PA amplifiers. Many early Newcastle bands had Bourne amplifiers including The Strangers/Sunsets.

Many early NBN3 recordings were done here for some of the “live” music programs that were aired at the time, e.g. Saturday Date hosted by a Newcastle Radio Station DJ by the name of Alan Lappan. The featured artists would then mime the recording.

Mike Stevenson

Did a jingle there for the 69 Falcon

Paul Kinder

Alan Bourne built my first amp 40 watt, at his studio in Cooks Hill with built in tremelo around 1960 \. My brother Gerry with the Jim Hunt Big Band recorded there in about 1958.

Ron Blim

I was in there the other week (2019) with Len Daley. Now Associated Sound. A time capsule with a modern radio station.

Les Gully

The genius of sound in Newcastle lives on through his innovations

by Mike Scanlon, SEPTEMBER 27 2019, Newcastle Herald

"Alan Edmund Bourne (1924- 2012) was once Newcastle's best-known sound engineer whose work remained his hobby. And what a versatile talent he was."

Full Article Here





Located above Parlings Music Store in Hunter Street Newcastle. Put together by Peter Sheedy and ?



1977 - 1978

Located in Hunter Street Newcastle and put together by Mark Tinson, Peter De Jong and Bob Fletcher.



Recording Studio, Record label and Booking Agency. Located in Wallsend and put together by Rick Pointon and Bert Moonen.


Villiage Recording Studios


Located in Tudor Street Hamilton. Put together by Ian Nash.



Eastern Acoustic Studios


Cordial Factory

Located in Matiland. Put together by Mark Tinson and Tony Heads.


Detestable Music


Located in Newcastle. Put together by Geoff Stoddart.


Studio 21


Located in Tudor Street Hamilton. Put together by Peter Anderson.


If anyone has any information or experiences about Newcastle recording studios operating during the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's Please let me know and I'll add them to this page.

Kevin Chisholm

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