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Rex Dallas
and The Dallas Cowboys

Rex Dallas and the Dallas Cowboys

During the 1980's, Rex Dallas and the Dallas Cowboys were the featured backing band on "The Happy Hoedown Show" every Sunday arvo at Shortland RSL Club. The country music package show was produced and compered by Phil Mahoney and had an eight year run.

The Happy Hoedown Show was a first for Newcastle audiences, playing to a packed auditorium every Sunday and featured a local country guest artist each week, as well as a Talent Quest and lots of great classic songs by Rex Dallas.

Rex is Australia's only country artist to win a Golden Guitar for a yodelling song, "My Lancashire Yodelling Lass" in 1976. Rex also went on to win several more Golden Guitars during his long and successful career, which still continues today. The show also featured the brilliant young lead guitarist Brett Dallas with fantastic instrumental hits.

The line up of "Rex Dallas and the Dallas Cowboys" was (left to right): Brett Dallas (Lead Guitar & Vocals), Rex Dallas (Guitar, Fiddle & Vocals), Colin Dallas (Drums), Milton Ward (Piano and Vocals), Marc Sommerville (Bass and Vocals) and Phil Mahoney (at front seated), who was the compere and producer.

Photograph and Bio courtesy of Phil Mahoney