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RIMSHOT: By Steve 'Mac' McLennan

Not sure how I ended up with these guys. I think Grubbie was playing with
Rimshot before me and may have suggested me...perhaps they knew Mick Visser who'd moved on to Rat Salad...not sure. Marty was an impressively built & somewhat intimidating surfer guy (the whole band except me of course were keen & I believe proficient surfers) with a penchant for Ian Moss & Rory Gallagher style playing.
Jeff & John were nice guys just enjoying the ride (when they werent getting yelled at by Marty) and I never really got to know Steve that well in the 6 months or so we were together.I quit after Steve Hickmont fell through my drums (again) in a drunken stupour at a gig at a Surf Club House in Stockton. I was young and naive and a "serious musician"and could'nt tolerate such abhorent behaviour. If only I'd known what a drug fucked alcoholic arsehole I was to become over the following years I might've cut Steve some slack.
My most vivid memory of this band (other than my tanny over theHickmont incident) is doing a gig with Meccalissa (later to become DV8) at The
Poplars Lounge in Taree. After the gig Roy Giles (RIP) and I stole a bottle
of Drambuie (its the only bottle we could reach from behing the security grill)
and were talking Zeppelin, Sabbath, Hendrix, The Who etc. and decided to indulge in a little bit of R'n'R debauchery by throwing a TV set out of the 2nd story window of the common room. (NOTE: Never throw TVs out of your own room....easier to blame someone else). We got some extension power leads from the truck so we could plug it in and leave the power turned on as it plummetted to the ground in the hope of a more impressive explosion. It was awesome....not that Im suggesting anyone try this at home. I've seen Jeff occasionally, he works in hospitals and I ran into Steve Hickmont at Swansea Workers a few years back. Marty & John..Hi...wherever you are.