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Rocky Road

LR: Stuart McColl , Ed Pearson, Mick Weeks. 1976

LR: Stuart McColl , Ed Pearson, Kent Owen, Paul Buckley, Mick Weeks. 1976

LR: Stuart McColl , Ed Pearson, Paul Buckley, Mick Weeks. 1976


Rocky Road (1976-77)

Paul Buckley - vocals (1977)
Ed Pearson
- lead guitar / vocals
Stuart McColl
- rhythm guitar / vocals
Mick Weeks - bass / vocals
Kent Owen
- drums

Formed from Toronto High School students in 1976 the band commenced playing gigs at Newcastle Hotels, locals halls and dances and even on the night time Lake Macquarie Ferry cruises.

The band separated mid 1977. Kent Owen & Ed Pearson commenced rehearsing with another Toronto musician Paul Matters (ex Armageddon, AC/DC) briefly as a three piece outfit, before moving on. Stuart McColl transitioned to playing bass guitar and worked with a number of Newcastle bands in the coming years.

Paul Buckley who was a later addition to the band, was to resurface as lead singer with a new band Starrider some months later.

The photos show the band performing in 1976 and 1977.

Ed Pearson


LR:Dave Morgan, Ed Pearson, Paul Buckley, drum Pete Russell


Starrider (1977)

Paul Buckley - vocals
Ed Pearson
- guitars
Dave Morgan
- bass/vocals
Pete Russell
- drums

Comprised entirely of Toronto lads, two of which had previously worked at times with Newcastle band Strutter. The band gigged regularly for 12 months in small venues in the heart of Newcastle, along with local venues/functions/dances in the regional area.

The band ultimately became known as Freefall when, following the departure of Ed Pearson, the band recruited two new members with Dave moving to rhythm guitar.

Ed Pearson .



LR: Dave Morgan, Paul Buckley, Pete Russell, Craig T Foster, Paul Louden..

Freefall (1978-79)

Paul Buckley - vocals
Paul Loudon - Lead guitar
Dave Morgan - Rhythm guitar
Craig T Foster - bass
Pete Russell - drums

Comprising of musicians from Toronto & Kotara the band performed regularly at local lakeside and city venues during 1978-79, playing cover versions from the Doors to Dire Straits. Ultimately disbanded with some members teaming up in The Webb in 1980.

Ed Pearson

Photographs and clipping courtesy of Paul Buckley and Ed Pearson