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The Sabres

By Mike Stevenson

The Sabres were formed in 1963 with the view of gaining a regular residency at the highly successful Saturday night dance at Charlestown Fellowship House. The band was successful in that endeavour and comprised Geoff Sneddon (D), Steve Duffield (Sax), Ron Carmichael (G), Tom Hancock (B), Mike Stevenson (K), Christine Duffield (sister of Steve - V) and later that year, Jacky Boots (V). The dance drew a capacity crowd each Saturday night.

The organisers of the dance had a contract with Bandstand (Channel Nine) which saw a regular member of that TV show appear each alternate Saturday night to do a guest spot. The band, very young at that time, had the responsibility of sight-reading the artist's charts. Some of the artists that appeared were to become household names, including The Bee Gees.

When the gig came to an end at the end of 1963, the band split. Some of the members became well known muso's in other Newcastle bands.