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LR: Steve Tucker, Eddie Price, Mark Robinson.
(Front) Roger Koller, Richard Heaney.

The Biography
By Mark Robinson

I met up with my good friend Roger Koller, bass player with the previous band we were in, which we had just left, called 'Welcome'.
We went and saw a band rehearse in this house in Georgetown, they knew of this drummer who was playing with the 'Beenees' who could sing.He was a guy from Brisbane called Steve Tucker so he became our singer.He knew this keyboard player who used to play with the successful Newcastle outfit 'Maya', Eddie Price. We somehow found this incredible lead guitarist Richard Heaney, his brother Tony ended up playing in 'DV8'.
We ended up moving all our gear P.A; amps, drumkit, the works, and setting up camp in the deserted house in Georgetown, which was situated at the eastern end of land at the back of Energy Australia Stadium. 'Sky' rehearsed pretty well every week, the sound of Eddie"s hamond organ was just amazing, and very ****ing loud, not to mention the weight of the thing. It was a four man lift from memory!
We were doing stuff like 'Vanilla Fudge', 'Chicago', 'Uriah Heep', 'Crosby Stills Nash and Young' and 'Joe Cocker'. I think our first gig was opening up the Singleton Sports Centre, Richard did a bit of classical guitar for the first set and then we did a couple of sets.
We had to hire a truck to cart all of our gear, which, as Eddie drove under the awning, almost ripped it to pieces. But it was great to get out of that rehearsal room.
Our next gig was the 29th of May 1976 at the Tech College with another band called the 'Black and White Band'.
After six months rehearsal and two gigs the writing was on the wall, Richard was giving up playing and concentrating on his studies, Steve Tucker was going back to Queensland, Eddie was having a break, Roger moved on to play with 'Refugee', and me, drummer Mark Robinson joined 'Zero'.

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Mark Robinson

Roger Koller

Top to Bottom: Mark Robinson, Richard Heaney.

Steve and Eddie
Top to Bottom: Steve Tucker, Eddie Price.

Photographs courtesy of Mark Robinson.