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The Skylighters

Sky 1
LR:Graeme Bell, Billy Chaplin, Bruce Price, Frank Vandenberg, Johnny Ryan,
Billy Thomas, Alan Powell, Stan Saroff (promoter), Eric Campbell.

The Skyliners

Sky 2
LR: (background), Billy Chaplin, Gus Hafey, Frank Vandenberg,
Eric Campbell, Allan Ward, Bruce Price.
(forground), Johnny Ryan, Stan Saroff (promoter).

Photographs courtesy of Bruce Price.

These photo's were taken in 1962 at Cessnock Town Hall.
It is not The Skyliners as listed on 60's page, but, all but one of them are in the photo's.
Johnny Ryan (v), Billy Chaplin (g), Bruce Price (k), Frank Vandenberg (d).

Gus Haffey was in the Hi-Fi's.
Billy Thomas was in 'Three's a Five'.
Graham Bell was a respected jazz musician.

Bruce Price


There is confusion within the data base between two bands that morphed into one over time, namely The Skyliners and The Skylighters Combo.

I will attempt to unravel the puzzle.
To put things in perspective under the Skyliners listing are two photos submitted by Bruce Price
The first photo is of the Skylighters Combo and includes myself third from right
The second photo, also from Bruce is much earlier and features the Skyliners,
Bruce played in both bands. It is noteworthy that Stan Saroff appears in both photos and is named as manager. In truth the band had no manager and Stan should have been named as the promoter. Stan filled no managerial role but he did good work securing venues, promoting the band and running very successfully four events every week for many years. Well done Stan, all the musos owe you, even though we traveled lots of miles.

Alan Powell