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The Smakka &
Waddy Experience
(Smakka, Waddy and Tinno)

Big Drum sound...

Pantless Mac

Photographer John Chisholm.

By Steve 'Mac' McLennan

Things eventually come full circle dont they. The Experience reminds me so
much of the musical experience of jamming in DJ's bedroom all those years ago making plane crash noises...blissfully unaware that most people would not categorise what we were doing as "Music".
Ngariki (Waddie) and I (Smakka) did the Freak $hop thing together and for the most part I think we both remember that as a wonderful / special time. I don't wish to seem too ethereal or gay (not that there's anything wrong with that!?!?) in my appraisal of our relationship (both musical & personal) but there was a real
bond and friendship built in that period which has weathered some tumultuous
personal events in both our lives to come out the other end in pretty well
pristine condition...a bit like the magical Kennedy bullet. We do our quirky drum &
guitar duo and play whatever we feel at any given moment. Our repertoire runs the
gammut of possibilities from old blues tunes, Kiss, Zappa, Elvis, The Who and
Ngariki songs and even recently old Freak $hop tunes which I never imagined would sound so cool stripped to the bare essentials. There have been some sublime moments ("Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" at the Glad's club house, "Dirty Deeds" at The Royal, an authentic Blind Lemon Chittlin'-style version of "Black Betty"...for once I didnt fuck up that middle bit!?!?) and some abyssmal ones (I cant recall any specifically at the mo' but I do remember that sense of "oh shit...I wish we hadnt gone there!!!)...anyway... most of the time we just have a lot of fun and enjoy the music and the very organic process of creation. I sadly miss our gigs up at The Potter's Brewery (a residency which ended so abruptly it probably qualifies for some kind of Guiness World Record!!!)
Bottom line...its always a pleasure playing with The Waddmeister .


Tinno joins in to have some fun.
It should happen more often IMHO.







Photographer Scott Rankin