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4 Strangers - Sunsets

Tamam Shud - Albatross

Lindsay Bjerre Band

Karvas Jute

Early Strangers
Early Strangers
LR: Dannie Davidson, Zac Zytnick, Eric Connell and Lindsay Bjerre.

Strangers at Mattra
The 4 Strangers
LR: Eric Connell, Dannie Davidson, Judy Stone and Lindsay Bjerre

The Sunsets group photo
The Sunsets
LR: Lindsay Bjerre, Zac Zytnick, Dannie Davidson and Eric Connell
(The two above photographs courtesy of Reg Mason)

Sad and Lonely

Started jamming together as teenagers at Cooks Hill. Took the name 'The Strangers' from a song by their heroes 'The Shadows', but later added "4" to differentiate themselves from Melbourne band 'TheStrangers'.

Being an instrumental band, they often combined with vocalist Gary Johns (March) for community hall concerts.
Eventually moved to Sydney without Johns and scored a residency at Surf City in Kings Cross.
Embracing the coastal culture, they became 'The Sunsets' and won further acclaim for the two surfing film soundtracks: Life in the Sun and Hot Generation.

They evolved into "Tamam Shud", a legendary concert band that epitomised underground hippie culture.

Tamam Shud


A rare shot of the original lineup of Tamam Shud onstage at a Ray-O-Vac Batteries Pop Spectacular in Sydney, probably in 1969:
L R: Lindsay Bjerre, Dannie Davidson, Zak Zytnic, Peter Baron.
[Image courtesy of Terry Stacey]


The front cover of Tamam Shud's classic 1969 debut album 'Evolution'.
L R: Zac Zytnic, Dannie Davidson, Peter Baron, Lindsay Bjerre
(Image courtesy of Terry Stacey)



The last lineup of Tamam Shud, during the rehearsals for "Morning Of The Earth".
L R: Larry Duryea, Nigel Macara, Peter Baron (front), Tim Gaze, Lindsay Bjerre, Spot the dog.
All photographs this table by Alby Falzon.


Tamam Shud Line ups

Lindsay Bjerre [gtr,vcls] 1967- 72
Peter Barron [bs] 1967- 72
Dannie Davidson [dr] 1967- 70
Larry Duryea (aka Larry Taylor) [congas]
Tim Gaze [gtr, vcls] 1970 - 2
Bobby Gebert [kbds] 1971
Richard Lockwood [sax, flute, clarinet] 1972
Nigel Macara [dr] 1970 - 72
Kevin Sinott [dr] 1970
Kevin Stevenson [reeds] 1970
Alex 'Zac' Zytnic [gtr] 1967 - 70

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This page (below) is a must read if you are interested in the 'real' story of Tamam Shud. It's written By Dannie Davidson and pulls no punches or spares no ego's.




After Lindsay disbanded Tamam Shud in 1972, he formed this trio.

Peter Baron (b)
Kim Bryant (d)
Lindsay Bjerre (v, g)
Simon Bjerre (b, v) 1973 -
Richard Lockwood (d) 1973 -

Lindsay Bjerre Band

Line Up

Bjerre Lindsay (v,g) 1977
Follington Ace (d) 1977
Hitchcock Phil (b) 1977
Hooke Greg (k) 1978
Isoardi Steve (k) 1977
Morphett Jason (sax) 1977
Radcliffe Paul (g) 1977
Roundtree Wayne (b) 1977
Taylor Greg (sax) 1977
Wheeler Paul (b) 1978
John Watson (d) 1978

Solo CD

Lindsay's bands:

The Strangers / 4 Strangers 1964 -1965
The Sunsets 1965 -1968
Tamam Shud 1967 -1972
Albatross 1972 -1973
Lindsay Bjerre Band 1977-
A Portable Beach 1981
Tamam Shud 1993 -1995

Kahvas Jute

Sydney / UK 1970-71, 1973-74
Dannie Davidson (drums) July 1970 - April 1974
Dennis Wilson (guitar / vocals) July 1970 - April 1974
Bob Daisley (bass) July 1970 - January 1971
Tim Gaze (guitar / vocals) July 1970 - October 1970
Scott Maxey (bass) January 1971 - May 1971, July 1973
- April 1974
Mick Smith (bass UK only) 1971 - 1972
David O'List (bass UK only) 1972 - 1973

Dannie's Bands

The Strangers / 4 Strangers 1964 -1965
The Sunsets 1965 -1968
Tamam Shud 1967 -1970
Kahvas Jute 1970 - 1974




The Strangers:

Side one: Sunset (Bjerre - Zytnik)
Side two, Surf Panic (Zytnik - Bjerre)
was recorded at Vista Studios,
Merewether around 1963 -early 1964.

4 Strangers:


The Rip (Zytnik) / Pearl Diver (Bjerre)
(Astor) A-7042 1964
Sad and Lonely( Bjerre) / You'll Be Mine (Bjerre) (Festeval) FK-1022 Raven RVLP-02 1965
Note: Raven LP RVLP-02 is titled “Ugly Things #1”.


'Bye bye, goodby'e / 'It’s the end' Leedon LK-1128
Sydney, 1966
'When I found you' / 'Don’t get around much anymore' Leedon LK-1325, FX-11261, Festival L45587/8
Note: Festival LP L45587/8 is titled “So You Want To Be A Rock Star Volume 1”. Sydney, 1967
'Theme from A Life in the Sun' Festival FK-1632, FX-11261
'Windansea' Festival FK-1632, ---
Note: Festival EP FX-11261 is titled “A Life In The Sun”.
Sydney, 1967
'Love’s face' Festival FK-1797
'I want love' (Lindsay Bjerre) Festival FK-1797, Raven RVLP-02 *
Note: Raven LP RVLP-02 is titled “Ugly Things #1”.
Sydney, 1967
'The hot generation' (L. Bjerre) Festival FK-1818, Raven RVLP-13 *
'This is what it’s all about' Festival FK-1818
Note: Raven LP RVLP-13 is titled “Ugly Things #2”.

Tamam Shud:

Evolution / Lady Sunshine (CBS) 1969
Got a Feeling / ? (Warner) 1970

Bali Waters (Warners) 1970

Evolution (CBS) 1969
Goolutionists and the Real People (WEA) 1970
1968-1972 (Evolution and Goolutionites) 2002
CD (Tamam Shud) TSCD04


Friday / He Was Such a Lucky Lad (Raven) 197?

Breath of Fresh Air (Reprise)1973

Lindsay Bjerre's solo recordings:

She Taught Me How To Love Again / ? (Phillips) 1977
I'll Take You Higher / Old Soul (Phillips) 1977
Not So Easy / Wasting the Magic (Phillips)1978
You Won't Dance With Me / Down The Getto
(Phillips) 1979

Stealing Away The Hours (Phillips)1977
Hard Times (Phillips) 1978

Kahvas Jute:

Wide Open (Infinity SINL-934030)
reissued 2006 by Aztec Music (AVSCD-015)
1. "Free" (Wilson)
2. "Odyssey"
3. "Up There" (Gaze - Davidson)
4. "She's So Hard to Shake" (Wilson)
5. "Vikings" (Wilson)
6. "Steps of Time" (Davidson)
7. "Twenty Three" (Gaze)
8. "Ascend" (Daisley)
9. "Parade of Fools" (Wilson)

Original LP produced by Pat Aulton
Recorded at Festival Studios, Sydney
Reissue digitally remastered by Dennis Wilson

Bonus 2005 live tracks on Aztec reissue:
10. "Politician" (Bruce - Brown)
11. "She's So Hard To Shake"
12. "Ascend"
13. "Ascension"
14. "Parade Of Fools"

Live CD
Double cD
Lindsay 2000