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Temple M

Temple M Promo

Hi, my name is Susan, and our band is called Temple M.

We are professional musicians who have years of performance experience, and have decided to group together, to bring a program of music suitable for a variety of situations.

We consist of Peter Lydiard drums, Dave Eyre guitar/vocals,
and Susan Philippa on keyboard and vocals.

Temple M Members

LR: Peter Lydiard, Susan Philippa and Dave Eyre

We have several packages available to suit a variety of Functions and settings.

Our repertoire is expansive, starting from about the 1920’s through to today. It includes cocktail, dinner music, ‘cool sounds’, and then of course, music to get up and dance to, or if you feel adventurous, have a sing along with the band - it’s up to you. We have a wide range of music that is familiar to an audience, of which we’ve added our own style, from jazz to swing, funk, or rock & roll, it’s all there.

For song list "Click Here"

When you’re booking your next Function, it would be great to hear from you, and we are more than happy to organize a program to cater for your needs.

Being a 3-piece band, we aim to be affordable, without the sacrifice of quality.

We have professional gear, attitude, presentation, and a high level of quality music and experience, so give us a call if you want to know more.

Photographs and Bio supplied courtesy of Dave Eyre