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Photoghraphs courtesy of Mark Robinson


Repertoire include hits of the most famous blondes of the last three decades. Blondie, Madonna, No Doubt (Gwen Stefanee), Kylie, Anastacia, Pink, Courtney Love, Christine Aguliera, Britney etc.
Sarah Quigley, (she was Misbehave's original vocalist), was the first vocalist but she has been replaced by Tara Milligton
We started out doing corporate functions, but after a couple of gigs in the vineyards we, decided we wanted to take it out on the rock circuit once a month.
Vanilla Blondes guitarist vocalist Rodney Auld, formaly Jon English's guitarist for five years, also belts out a few rock tunes to give the band a bit of variety.
Kent Jackson on bass, ex Juicy Fruit, holds down the rhythm section with Mark Robinson on drums from Misbehave.
This is the fourth time Mark and Kent have been in a band together over the years. And finally on lead guitar, also from Misbehave David Fisher masters those fluid guitar lines to perfection.

Mark Robinson