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Their solitary album was issued on the 'JAM Records' custom label (JCWM 0014) and recorded at JAM Sound Studios, Gosford. All twelve tracks are original compositions. I estimate a Release Date of somewhere between 1976 and 1978. One website source has stated 1974, but I firmly believe this to be inaccurate.

Track Listing/Details:
Side One

1. Easy Living (Wilkinson) 3:45
2. War Is Over (Morris) 2:42
3. One More Time (Wilkinson) 2:18
4. Be With You (Field) 2:30
5. Ladies of the City (Morris) 3:06
6. Sea of Faces (Morris) 3:00
Side Two
1. Living to Be Free (Wilkinson) 2:45
2. With My Love (Field) 2:52
3. Days Gone By (Morris) 3:52
4. I'm Going On (Morris) 3:15
5. Love Is Just a Game (Morris) 3:10
6. Nutintodo Blues (Morris-Wilkinson) 1:57

I have just listened to the LP after many years in storage, and it is quite good - some of the tracks remind me of Wishbone Ash with the dual guitar sound. There are other tracks with an Allman Brothers feel - quite a talented combo!

Matthew Gleeson