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Your Move

Your Move

Your Move

Even at the tender age of four, Ross Young found it hard to keep his daughter Crystel Young away from rehearsals. Now, aged just 18, she has been at the front of Your Move for two years, a band for which her father is the lead guitarist.

Ross said Crystel had given a fresh new look to the band, which has been together for five years.

The addition of Crystel to the line-up has brought Your Move back into the mainstream, playing regularly at the Delany , Kent and Beaumont Exchange .

The band's versatility allows it to play at least two nights a week, for any occasion, ranging from black-tie balls and weddings to a high-intensity rock 'n' roll gig at a venue such as The Brewery. Ross has been playing around town with the other two members of the band, drummer Robbie Brollo and bass player Peter Rowney for about 25 years, firstly as 'Idol Motion' , then 'Chosen Few' and Your Move .

All members of the band sing, producing four-part harmonies and extra versatility.

They cover the best of today's hits, all the way down to the best of the golden oldies.

Crystel is steadily turning her father on to newer bands, while Ross is weaning her on the guitar so he has someone to leave his collection to.

'She does the 'Killing Heidi' songs brilliantly. I'm sold on those guys,' he said.

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Ross Young: Lead Guitar & Vocals

Ross played with popular Newcastle band 'Jukebox' for 5 years, releasing 2 charting singles. Ross joined 'Freeway' for 2 years, then went on to join 'Cafe Society' for 12 months, before forming 'Your Move'.

Crystel Young:
Lead Vocals

The newest addition to the band, is Newcastle's latest female vocal sensation Crystel Young. Debuting in the band with her dad, Ross, Crystel comes from a musical family, also playing guitar and piano as well as excelling in drama. This versatile young lady has given the band a chance to expand their repertoire greatly.

Peter Rowney:
Bass, Keyboards & Vocals

Peter worked with 'Gold Cadillac' from 1978-1983, then joined popular Newcastle band 'Flashback' in 1984-1987 and also worked in 'Idol Motion' for 4 years.

Robbie Brollo:
Drums & Vocals

Robbie worked in 'Idol Motion' for 9 years, as well as working with several Duo's. Robbie's harmonies add a unique sound to the band.

Steve Hicks Entertainment

Sadly Ross Young passed away in early August 2003, he will be greatly missed by all.

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