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The Marshall Brothers Band

MB cover

Classical rock music influenced by King Crimson, Vanilla Fudge and Rick Wakeman.
"Were kind of a rock version of Rick Wakeman meets Genesis"
They performed in Phil Avalon's picture "Summer City" in 1978

Mark Tinson

45: Come Out With Your Hands Up / ? (M7) (1975)

Album: Self Titled (M7) (1975)


Group, roadies etc

Standing L-R: Kevin Wyatt, Rob Scott, Chris Brown
Sitting L-R: John Zulaicha (Engineer), Chris Neal (Producer)
Ian Matheson, David Hinds and John Halls


L-R: David Hinds, Chris Neal (Producer), John Zulaicha (Engineer) at Trafalgar Studios Sydney


L-R: Chris Brown, Robert Scott, Dave Hinds.


Funky with the widest set of flares in town. (rofl)

Album photographs and cover design:
Snape and Gallaher Graphics.

Original Lineup

Back L-R: John ‘Funky’ Halls, Rob Scott, Kevin ‘Grumpy’ Wyatt
Front L-R: David Hinds, Chris ‘Brown-Eye’ Brown,
and Ian ’Mad Scotsman’ Matheson

Second Lineup

Back L-R: Kevin ‘Grumpy’ Wyatt, John ‘Kiwi’ Rarity,
Front L-R: Chris ‘Brown-Eye’ Brown, Rob Scott
and Karl Hoffman

Rob Scott at the Savoy

At the Savoy Nightclub, New Lambton with my keyboard rig. Behind me out of pic was a Mellotron with a Minimoog Synth on top of it. To my left is a Fender Rhodes Electric Piano with a Hohner Clavinet on top of it. In front of me is a Hammond Organ, RMI Electric Piano, and on top an ARP Odyssey Synth.

Rob Scott



Photographs and Bio courtesy of Rob Scott

Compiled by John Chisholm