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  • * Updated: East Coast Low; Melbourne Street: From the Tenners (10's)


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Mick Armitt RIP

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In Memoriam

Nick Mandas RIP

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A new lease on life for Newcastle Leagues Club Band Room

by Newcastle Live

Full Article Here

Heroes Final Show

The Last Supper
On the 40th Anniversary of the Star Riot
Thursday the 19th of September 2019
Lizotte’s Lambton

Tickets for The Last Supper, HEROES last ever live gig on September 19th 2019, are now available from Lizottes.
Special guest is Greg Bryce from DV8 (aka Meccalissa). So dip into your super and be there!


Newcastle Band Videos

Newcastle Band Videos

Facebook group created by Trevor Dare featuring Newcastle Band Videos from the past to the present.
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Newcastle Band Videos FB

Dragstrippers -- Get Down Get With It (Live)

Great Northern Hotel,Newcastle, 6-11-2010

  • Brad Tynan (v)
  • Gavin Swain (g, v)
  • Matt Gill (g)
  • Dale Townsend (b)
  • Donny Anarchy (d)

Dragstrippers  NBD

East Coast Low -- Gun Club Road

  • Micheal Cornish (v)
  • Geoff Mullard (g, v)
  • Al Creed (g)
  • Chris Hunter (b)
  • Nicholai Danko (d)

YouTube Music - East Coast Low

Southern End -- It's Not The Same

  • Patrick McBeath (v, g)
  • Aidan Liddle (g, v)
  • Andrew Gray (b, v)
  • Duncan Brown (d, v)
  • Official Music Video
  • Mixed/Mastered by Darcy Long
  • Video by Holliday Music

ZOMBONIMO -- Try Harder

  • Kim Abbott (g, v)
  • Tony Rees (g, v)
  • Dan Corbett (b, v)
  • Chad McCamley (d)

ZOMBONIMO Album Launch
'Born to Paint the World Red'
Friday the 15th of March 2019
7:30pm -11:30pm
Grand Junction - The Junkyard

Blackest Sabbath -- War Pigs

  • Jarrod Daunt (v)
  • Ngariki (g)
  • Rob Bell (b)
  • Steve 'Mac' McLennan (d)
  • Live at The Wickham Park Hotel
  • 10-11-18

The Milestones -- Waiting for the man

  • Nick Raschke (g, v)
  • Todd Johnson (v, g)
  • Marty Burke (b, v)
  • Steve Morton (d)

The Milestones -- I shall be released the milestones


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Too Much Rock 'N' Roll - A Life in Music

by Mark Tinson

Available from MacLean's Booksellers

For Mark Tinson, Too Much Rock And Roll Is Never, Ever Enough

by Steven Pickett

Full Article "Newcastle Live"

Rock This City

Live music in Newcastle, 1970s–1980s

Available from Hunter Press

John J Francis

For all you people out there who have wondered over the years "whatever happened to John J Francis ?", the question has now been answered. There is now an official John J Francis web site at it has been endorsed by John himself and is highly recommended by me as a must visit site. It has history, photos, album reviews and ....... wait for it ....... music downloads.

It is what John refers to as a 'cyber busking' site. You are free to download the music, all they ask is that you make a donation for what you think it is worth to you. A very refreshing concept in this era of internet piracy, fraud and rip off. So what are you still hanging around here for ..... go and check it out.

Do you want to voice your anger at the Japanese whalers?

Go to this web site and sign the petition.Whalesrevenge

If you have a band listed on the site, and you have a Myspace page for it, send me the address and I will put it up with the bands entry. Everybody and their dog has got one. Mine is HERE if you want to check it out.

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