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A Suicide and Depression Awareness Event
Thursday the 17th of August 2017
Cambridge Hotel

All profits going to Lifeline

Loud Love Poster
  • The Band:
  • Paul Coxon
  • Ross Flynn
  • Chris Hamall
  • Ken Jewell
  • Chris Lloyd
  • Justin Ngariki
  • Lee Rolfe
  • Kane Starkey
  • Amy Visser
  • Special guests: VIAGRO

$15 pre-sale $20 at the door

Passport to Airlie - 2017
'Battle of the Bands'

Newcastle band comp will once again take place at The Stag & Hunter Hotel. To celebrate our involvement in this year’s event, we are giving audience members attending the opportunity to win a Mexican Fender Stratocaster (Valued at $1300). Simply make a purchase of over $5.00 during the heats/finals at either our bar or bistro, then fill out and submit the entry form, it's that simple

The Stag & Hunter Hotel

Starts at 4:00pm and finishes at 8:00pm
Admission is Free

  • HEAT 1: Sunday 13th August, 2017
  • Wesley's Edge
  • Bravo Victor
  • Boneman
  • Arcades and Lions
  • Bravo Victor and Arcades and Lions through to the September semi-finals
  • The Swamp House - Heat 1 Gallery
  • HEAT 3: Sunday 27th August, 2017
  • viAgro
  • Emma Dykes
  • The Grounds
  • Milstreem
  • HEAT 4: Sunday 3rd September, 2017
  • Slide Milligan
  • Red City
  • The Pits
  • Stonesun
  • Thomas Macokatic

More information

The Swamp House

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Tip Jar Song Compertition

"Newcastle’s music scene is set to benefit from the launch of a new song writing competition,
backed by a group of well-known Newcastle musicians, as well as the local business community".

More Details Here


LOKO  —  Melbourne Street  —  Newcastle Flyers  —  Incognito  —  Love That Hat  —  The Years


The Australian Beefweek Show - Geoff's A Hoarder

The Australian Beefweek Show

Marriah--Piece of My Heart


Trevor Dare's "With a Little Help From my Friends"

Two tracks from "With a Little Help From my Friends" to be launched at Lizotte's on the 10th of October.

David Patten--Maybe I'm Amazed

  • Dave Patten--Vocals
  • Trevor Dare--Guitars
  • Dave Tavender--Keyboards,Piano
  • Craig Foster--Bass
  • Steven 'Mac' Maclennan--Drums
  • Pam Gully--Backing Vocals
  • Recorded by Mark Tinson

Mike Vee--The Rain Song

  • Mike Vee--Vocals
  • Trevor Dare--Guitars
  • Craig T Foster--Bass
  • Dave Tavender--Keyboards
  • Steven Mac McLennan--Drums
  • Recorded and Mixed by Mark Tinson
  • Mastered at Abbey Road Studio's London

More Video Links

Rock This City

Live music in Newcastle, 1970s–1980s

Available from Hunter Press

John J Francis

For all you people out there who have wondered over the years "whatever happened to John J Francis ?", the question has now been answered. There is now an official John J Francis web site at it has been endorsed by John himself and is highly recommended by me as a must visit site. It has history, photos, album reviews and ....... wait for it ....... music downloads.

It is what John refers to as a 'cyber busking' site. You are free to download the music, all they ask is that you make a donation for what you think it is worth to you. A very refreshing concept in this era of internet piracy, fraud and rip off. So what are you still hanging around here for ..... go and check it out.

Do you want to voice your anger at the Japanese whalers?

Go to this web site and sign the petition.Whalesrevenge

If you have a band listed on the site, and you have a Myspace page for it, send me the address and I will put it up with the bands entry. Everybody and their dog has got one. Mine is HERE if you want to check it out.

Music Stuff:

Bio's:'Weld' , 'Midnight Howlers' 'Rimshot' , Contrax , Homegrown , Swanee , Nightmare , Smakka & Waddy , Loud & Proud

Steve McLennan, has done biography's on Barracuda and Freak Shop and Greg Lee Band and Mirage and Anvil Chorus and Idols and Witchdoctors

And a swag of other bio's on Aragon, Backwater, Man'O'War, Raiding Party and Glam Gods.

Peter Wholohan's 2006 benefit show photo's. Click on this link to go there