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Big Red Rockets

Original Lineup


LR: Tony Coughlan, Trevor Mac, Kerry Miller, Andrew Davis

Big Red Rockets TE

LR: Trevor Mac, Andrew Davis, Justin Ngariki, Tony Coughlan

Fired Up to Boogie

Combining old age and treachery with youthful enthusiasm, members of all-star blues and boogie band the Big Red Rockets are aged between 25 and 50.

They play this Saturday night at the Swansea Hotel and Saturday, June 24, at the Mary Ellen Hotel.

The group is Trevor Mac on lead guitar, Tony Coughlan on bass guitar,
Justin Ngariki on drums and Andrew Davis on lead guitar.

All members share vocal duties on material by ZZ Top, CCR, Bob Marley,
Eric Clapton, George Thorogood
and JJ Cale.

TE Archive 14-06-2000