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Crimson Tide

Formed in May 1997 Crimson Tide have played to crowds in Newcastle, Central Coast, Hunter Valley and throughout country NSW.

Having many lineup changes over the years Crimson Tide are still playing in 2017 and perform a wide variety of covers from the 60's through to current Top 40 while constantly updating their repertoire to include recent releases and have recently started to include some of their original material into their set list.


Crimson Tide Promo 1997

LR: Sally Wilson, Paula Wilson, Darren Palmer, Sam Aulton

Photograph above taken by Marty Eddy

Crimson Tide 2016

LR: Paula Wilson, Kristy Boyle, Juan Olivares, Sally Wilson

Photograph above taken by Jason Westcott from Jason G Photos



Crimson Tide

Crimson Tide

Crimson Tide