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LR: Ron Coxon, Russell Sellers, Mike Stevenson, Hilton Jones, Greg Schrieber.

Photograph above courtesy of Michael Stevenson.


by Mike Stevenson

The Lancers were formed in 1962 comprising Ron Coxon and Peter Sladen on guitar and Russell Sellers on drums. They did the occasional teenage dance at venues around the Newcastle area. In 1963, Greg Schrieber joined playing bass followed by Hilton Jones on sax and also Gailene Baird as vocalist. In 1964, Peter Sladen left to concentrate on his university studies and was replaced by Mike Stevenson on guitar. Gailene Baird also left. Later that year, Russell Sellers was replaced with Rob Coxon, brother of Ron.

They did a regular residency in 1964 at Toronto YMCA Dance and also appeared in Hoadley's Battle Of The Bands. They also did many youth dances around the Hunter Valley including Muswellbrook Town Hall.

The members have, over the years, played together in other bands and most are still playing. Brothers, Ron and Rob Coxon play bass and drums in the well known jazz band, Wobbly Boot. (00's)

Original Lineup
The Lancers Original Line Up

LR: Peter Sladen, Russell Sellers, Ron Coxon.

The Lancers

LR: Greg Schreiber, Peter Sladen, Ron Coxon, Russ Sellers.

The Lancers

LR: Greg Schreiber, Peter Sladen, Russ Sellers, Ron Coxon.

The Lancers Russ Sellers on Drums

Russ Sellers.

Photographs above courtesy of Jan Sladen.