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“Nevada” evolved in the early 70’s from “Custom 5” Danny Mayers – vocals, Gary Tomkins – keyboard, vocals, Steve Russell – guitar, vocals,
Ted Frost – bass, and Graham Milburn – drums, vocals.

Custom 5 - NBN3 1971

LR: Gary Tomkins, Gary Tomkins, Graham Milburn, Rob Knight, Steve Russell

The band line-up then became Gary Tomkins – vocals, Gil Mouat – keyboard, vocals, Steve Russell – guitar, vocals, Rob Knight – bass, vocals, and Graham Milburn – drums, vocals. Danny came up with the new name “Nevada”.

Nevada - Rosebuds 1974
Rosebuds 1974
Promo Poster 1976
Promo Poster 1976

Around 1976, they became resident band at Waratah-Mayfield RSL and signed a 12 month contract to perform Friday and Saturday nights followed by a 10:00am Sunday “Sick Parade” for backing guest artists, singers, comedians, etc. together with other assorted functions throughout the year. For a period, Graham Lamond added saxophone to the line-up.

Waratah-Mayfield RSL
Waratah-Mayfield RSL including Graham Lamond

With Graham Lamond

At EMI, they recorded Eric Carmen’s “That’s Rock & Roll” but before its release, EMI were instructed to promote Shaun Cassidy’s version that had coincidentally also just been released! The flipside showcased their harmony abilities with a “Four Seasons” version of “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”.

In December 1976, Chris Robinson replaced Graham Milburn who moved to the USA and joined a country band called “The Windjammers” that were based in Las Vegas “Nevada” of all places, they also performed in California, Utah and Arizona.


In March 1978, Graham Milburn returned from the USA and re-joined “Nevada” as Chris Robinson had become ill. They were still at Waratah-Mayfield RSL and now consisted of Danny Mayers – vocals, Gil Mouat – keyboard, vocals, Jed Caelli – guitar, Phil Crawford – bass, vocals, and Graham Milburn – drums, vocals.

Waratah-Mayfield RSL 1978
Waratah-Mayfield RSL 1978 Suits

Gil Mouat was successful in negotiating a South Pacific cruise gig on P&O’s Arcadia and the band was so well received that they were offered an upcoming 6 week cruise to Japan to pick up the replacement for the "Arcadia", the “Sea Princess” but unfortunately work commitments prevented this.

P&O’s Arcadia
meeting the Arcadia’s Captain

Meeting the Captian

Some time later, maybe 1980, Danny Mayers and Graham Milburn left with the intention of forming a club act. It never came to fruition as Danny became the lead vocalist with “The Delltones” for many years. He is still performing and at the time of writing he has a successful “Cliff Richard” tribute show. Graham went on to perform with several local groups including Alan Ward, Peter Wall, John Noble, Wayne Cooper, Gary Davidson, etc.

“Nevada” continued at Waratah-Mayfield RSL as per Rob Coxon’s story below.

Graham Milburn

Photographs courtesy of Graham Milburn


LR: Phil Crawford, John Moss, Doug Robson

LR: Phil Crawford, John Moss, Doug Robson

LR: Phil Crawford, Rob Coxon

This band lasted for about a year. We were resident at Waratah Mayfield RSL, plus we did a cruise on the Oriana, a few mid week gigs at the 'new' Palais, and we supported Heroes and Midnight Oil.

Rob Coxon

Photographs courtesy of Rob Coxon




That's Rock 'n Roll