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Six piece Roots Rock band originating from Newcastle, N.S.W. with a new take on Seattle styled harmonies from the Hamall brothers, Cornstalk delivers new sounds, fresh progressions and a new direction for a roots rock performance.

The band built their musical foundations on layered vocals, strong melodies and a diverse mixture of rhythms. They have shared the stage with the likes of , Afro Moses, Lisa Hunt, Cornerstone Roots, Nathan Kaye, Dallas Frasca, Ash Grunwald, The Beautiful Girls, Kim Churchill, True Live and many more acts from around Australia.

Cornstalk have released their debut self-titled EP that is available in your local SANITY stores on the east coast. Two songs from there self titled EP were launched on the AIR (Australian Independent Records) albums for Blues and Roots and Country Roots. From their EP they released their single ‘The Good Life’ which was aired on VIDEO HITS and RAGE.

Cornstalk were a finalist to represent Australia in the world battle of the bands and performed against some of Australia’s finest talents in 2006. With their versatile writing style, Cornstalks’ music appeals to wide a audience and they are in the process of recording their first full length album due for release.

Cornstal Members

Chris Hamall, Shayne Hamall and Kane Starkey.

Cornstalk Members

Ben Pettett, Lyle Goodman and Evan Doyle.

Photographs and Bio courtesy of Cornstalk

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