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Love That Hat


Love That Hat @ The Mezz Bar

The first of my Mezz Bar weekend reviews starts with the multi-talented members of Love That Hat, who in turn need no introduction to the Newcastle music scene, Love That Hat have been performing together for what I believe to be more then 20 years. LTH, always play a well appreciated set of tunes, covering classics from all the genres, rock, country, pop and instrumental.

Supporting amazing vocals from all and the use of multi instruments produces a fine mix of entertainment at all the venues they play throughout the region.

This came to light with an awesome evening at The MezzBar,
Mike Stove, Sue Carson and Dave Carter's music credentials are endless, as many would already know and to many to name here.

It isn't uncommon to see any of these great musician performing with many other fine acts through the country.

Love That Hat are one of the finest acts performing the circuit, you will not disappoint by attending any of their shows. This becomes obvious with the amount of patrons they attract to their many shows, Friday night at The Mezz Bar was one of those great evenings of music.

"The above review is of that only the production engineer."

Keep the music Live.

Gregory James Lunn



Love That Hat Live @ The Mezz Bar
Love That Hat at The Mezz Bar

LR: Sue Carson, Mike Stove and Dave Carter

Photograph gjlunnphotography. AEPMEDIA.




Love That Hat