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The Years


The Years @ The Mezz Bar

Popular rock outfit The Years graced the Mezz Bar stage on Saturday night, delivering a powerful night of rock and pop classic's.

The Years now supporting some new tunes and a new female singer, Crystal Young up front have now seemed to have settled into a refreshing approach for the band.

The Years over time have and can be quite loud on stage at times.? But with the strong and fresh vocal range of Crystal Young,
The Years seem to be moving forward with the new line-up, settling down to a better performances with their new approach to their shows.

Many members of The Years came from a long history within the music industry, most from former 80's rock outfit Baron.

The Years continue to draw crowds where ever they play, this was no exception to the enthusiastic crowd of patrons that attend the Mezz Bar at Wallsend Diggers each time they play.

Their Saturday night performance was a great nights entertainment with the band taking particular notice of the delivery of the show, as mentioned above very refreshing performance by all.
Check out The Years the next time they play @ The Mezz Bar.

Keep the music Live.

Gregory James Lunn



The Years Live @ The Mezz Bar
The Years at The Mezz Bar

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The Years