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Dave Walsh

'Big Dave'

13/12/1953 — 26/12/2014



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Dave Walsh RIP


The Poem from Dave's Memorial Service


Big Dave Walsh



I'd like to share a few little fond memories I have of Uncle Dave. He would always draw moustaches and other things on our posters and magazines when we were teenagers... I would always know if he had visited while I was at school because he would leave me an insulting caricature of myself which I would then try to top by leaving an even worse one for him.

When we first got an answering machine in the early 90's I remember the first message we got was Uncle Dave who said, "Well. How fuckin POSH." and promptly hung up.

I remember when he rescued a dog from neglect and adopted it as his own. He was a protector by nature. I'll never forget how he sorted out a stalking ex-boyfriend of mine with little more than a glare and a few choice words.

He could play any song you named, he only had to hear it once. And he could fix anything.

Sue Warren


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