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Sam Fairns (Aulton)

1970 - 2017


Sam Fairns (Aulton) RIP


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Sam Aulton is a vocalist based in Newcastle Australia...

Sam began her music career singing in a garage band in 1992. The band performed live and recorded original material.

Sam did vocal lessons with Ian Sandercoe at Fresh Milk Studios in Dungog New South Wales. She was a backing vocalist on the track Sugar Train with Ian Sandercoe, Justin 'Ngariki' Bolth and Kerry Miller. Sugar Train was recorded at Fresh Milk Studio's Dungog.

Sam Aulton is well known in Newcastle for her support of local entertainment and music artists. Sam organised the event Music through the Ages, a show produced to raise funds to support local music artists held at the Knights Leagues Club. The event compere was Garth Russell with music and sponsorship by the bands: Slink, Beatrix, Valhalla, Schmackel, Sam Aulton, Splurge and Michael Sharp, Ensemble Group, Go.. and Newcastle Knights football players.

Sam joined the band Crimson Tide as a vocalist in 1997, an Adult Contemporary top 40's cover band who incorporates original songs into their sets. Sam Aulton performed on the track You've Gone written by Paula McGarrell, additional performers included: Sally Wilson, Paula McGarrel and Darren Palmer.

In 1999 Sam release a self titled album.

Sam Aulton entered the Newcastle Music Awards , Adult Contemporary section in 2002 and 2003. 2002 Adult Contemporary - What I've Found was written by Nichole Whiting and Sam Aulton. The song is about: 'the monotony of everyday responsibilities should not interfere with or smother our dreams. People are often caught in a cycle of what they 'should' be doing rather than taking on what they 'want' to be doing'.

2002 Adult Contemporary - You Turn Me Around was written by Darren Palmer and Sam Aulton. The song is about: 'empathising with someone unlucky in love who has finally found the right person'.

2003 Pop - Why was written by Sam Aulton. The song is about a mixture of fact and fiction, realistic, commonly associated theme of love gone wrong. In any relationship where there is pain, there are questions of, why?

2003 Pop Is it really worth it? was written by Sam Aulton. The song is about 'a reflection on who we are and what we are doing here as individuals'.

2003 Rock Afterlife was written by Sam Aulton. The song is about 'God may exist and religion may provide interest, opportunities, faith and love in society. I am expressing my frustration about elements of its structure.

Ian Sandercoe