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Mata Hari were a band formed in Newcastle Australia in on or around 1970, they played mainly cover song's. Their only foray into recorded music was a cover of a 'Van Morrison' song "Gypsy", (though some live tapes have survived). This was backed by an original penned by lead guitarist Greg Callan and singer Jim Stanes, called "Easy".(Polydor 2079 026 )

It was a minor hit on the local radio station 2NX, now NXFM and 2KO, now KO-FM.
They developed a bit of a name as a 'good time rock and roll band', ( Mark Tinson's words I suspect ), through their high powered stage act, fronted by Jim Stanes, who was with them all the way to the final gig at Wangi Wangi Workers Club on 23-8-1975. ( Jim reckons it was the Bel-Air Hotel, so we agree to differ.)

How do I know all this ?
Well, I was their 'roady' through it all, and let me tell you it was one hell of a fucking ride, never a dull moment, the stuff of legends. As I have become computer literate I thought I had better chronicle some of the history of this fine Aussie band, so here it is.